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Uncle Hyena

Pain, Gain, and Bryanna

I've been working a LOT. On April 27 we elected to forgo a movie (there wasn't much that interested us), carry in a pizza, and catch up on recorded TV. On May 1, I had a conversational lunch, and saw a movie.

Movie: "Pain & Gain" features Mark Wahlberg as a man with no moral compass whose life contained so many stupid people that he developed the badly mistaken impression that he was, himself, unusually smart. After a bizarre and bloody comedy of errors, two people ended up dead, and he went to prison. (That doesn't really give anything away; the prison is a foregone conclusion, and the identities of the eventual corpses will remain something of a surprise, unless you look up the actual history.) This is a deft presentation of a bizarre but mostly true story that left me with respect for the film maker's craft and highly ambivalent as to whether it was worth the effort.

Lunch: Bryanna E. used to work at Tinseltown, and so ended up on my FaceBook list. She has since moved across the parking lot to The Tilted Kilt, and I made arrangements to stop in for lunch during her shift on Wednesday. She was not busy, and made a point of sitting down at my table to visit when she was not needed elsewhere, and again for the 45 minutes between the end of her shift the beginning of my movie. The usual hyperbolic conversation took place. Given a choice between good conversation and a photogenic companion... Yes, I will always choose conversation. But it's better to have both...

Also: Finally exercising again, this time on the rowing machine, and hoping to get the habit re-established without another injury.

Uncle Hyena
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