Uncle Hyena (unclehyena) wrote,
Uncle Hyena

Saddles, Trek, Gatsby

72 hour work weeks leave little time for life.

I managed to catch a brief re-release of "Blazing Saddles", and it was a great deal of fun. Memory, even after nearly 40 years, took the edge off of most of the jokes, but it worked well enough anyway. I need to re-watch "Young Frankenstein" one of these days...

"Star Trek Into Darkness" was loud, sparkly fun. It wasn't really Star Trek, though. Star Trek has always meandered around the line between space opera and true science fiction, and this movie is relentlessly space opera. Still, the characters are worth the stupidity of the plot. It says something, though, when Benedict Cumberbatch reprises a Ricardo Montalban role, and FAILS to steal the character.

Freebie single line fan fic: "Since you asked, Captain, Lt. Uhura is in love with me, and I am using her for sex."

"The Great Gatsby" is a very, very PRETTY movie that manages to be fairly faithful to the book without ever really getting it. As much as I dislike humorless stories, Luhrmann's efforts to find humor in this story fail miserably and damage the narrative. The characters of Nick and Gatsby are both stripped of the dignity that Fitzgerald gave them (and he gave them few positive qualities) and are made pathetic. All told, this is a vacuous movie that is unworthy of its cast or its source material (and I don't even LIKE the source material).

Uncle Hyena
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