Uncle Hyena (unclehyena) wrote,
Uncle Hyena


I am currently on my ninth consecutive twelve hour day (out of thirteen). But after THAT, I get a week's vacation. Yay! If the weather is good, I will go to the Rend Lake Messabout over the weekend; if not, poker and boardgames. Not too shabby either way.

I managed to row 300 strokes, pretty much exactly 2 KM, every day in May. By various arcane means, I have determined that 2 KM, on this machine, is pretty much equivalent, aerobically, to running a mile. I need to bump that up to at least 3 KM (and ideally 4), but this is still progress. And I have managed to lose about five pounds. When all you do is go to work and sleep, it is fairly easy to keep a regular exercise schedule and restrict your diet...

The craziness at work may end in mid-June; it may continue into October. We shall see.

Uncle Hyena
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