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When last we left our intrepid quasi-hero, he was nine days into 13 consecutive 12 hour days; he more or less survived. He then had a few days off and managed to attend a messabout in southern Illinois, visit south side relatives, put in a brief appearance at a pagan gathering, and actually accomplish some household chores. There were also six movies along the way...

Movies first:

"Now You See Me" is a misdirection thriller that spends a lot of time talking about misdirection. This sets the audience up to expect that the Big Reveal, when it comes, will be really clever. They were a bit short on clever, and ended up with merely highly improbable. Still, the cast was engaging, and the story was fun, and the journey is the worthier part.

"The Hangover Part III" is mostly of a piece with its predecessors. It doesn't involve a blackout, but it does involve the same sort of insane situations and is driven by an improbable detective story. I enjoyed it a great deal.

"Epic" is a first rate animated adventure story. It is occasionally childish and more than occasionally cliche, but it all works and is a lot of fun.

"Fast and Furious 6" is yet another silly movie in which beautiful classic muscle cars are destroyed while interesting characters chew their way through an impossible plot. After five movies with more or less the same cast, though, the key point seems to be the soap opera rather than the caper. This is OK with us, and apparently with a fair number of other people.

"Raiders of the Lost Ark" was in brief re-release, and I managed to see it. Thirty plus years later, it is still a great deal of fun. Karen Allen's Marion is still the best character in the film, both great eye candy and INTERESTING. (How many other eye candy heroines manage to have a two digit body count of their own?)

"The Internship" demonstrates once again that Owen Wilson can pay the freight on Vince Vaughn. This film meanders a bit before establishing itself as a sort come-from-behind sports story, and like most examples of the genre, it is sappy, but it works if you let it.

The annual Rend Lake messabout took place on June 8, mostly. I saw many pretty boats, did some rowing, and attended a cookout during which a pretty girl less than half my age gave me a drink by drink rendition of her favorite binges. I kept listening for a more interesting conversation, but nothing materialized that beat "silly with excellent eye candy."

On June 11 I had dinner with my father; he continues to be in tolerable health and reasonably good spirits, but his mobility issue keep getting worse, and he is closer all the time to giving up. He has tallied up his longevity against that of his parents and aunts and uncles, and has decided that he is in a good position to quit the game. Or something. It is sad, but I have no idea what I can do to make him happier.

Earth Traditions had its annual "Oasis" camp from June 7 to 14, and I missed most of it. I did manage to get in on a Thursday night bardic circle. I ended up doing six songs (Fortune's Toy, When the Tall Man Speaks, 307 Ale, four verses of "Old Time Religion", Stormbringer, and Rot With You) "Tall Man" had the best reception, and "Toy" and "Rot" turned out to be a bit too dark for the gathering. Ah, well. Once the circle broke up, I got a tour of the night sky from the circle's moderator, which was cool. I have probably seen Saturn before, but not when I KNEW it was Saturn; likewise Antares and Deneb and Spica and... you get the idea. It was a good night.

Now, if I can just find the time to extrude the story that has been clawing at the inside of my fingertips...

Uncle Hyena
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