Uncle Hyena (unclehyena) wrote,
Uncle Hyena

Drudge of Steel

Work, sleep, trudge, and one movie.

"Man of Steel" is humorless and pompous, its pompousity magnified by one of the most ponderous scores in history. Still, given that, the first half of the movie is a reasonably well presented first contact story that pretty much transcends the inanity of the Superman mythos. And then the fighting starts, and we are treated to 45 minutes of non-stop meaningless CGI violence. The climax, and the global threat that sets it up, is pure gibberish. But there is a double coda. In the first phase of the coda, the film finally discovers a sense of humor, and in the second phase it actually manages to grow a soul. I CRIED at the second coda. It almost made the whole thing worthwhile. Almost.

Uncle Hyena
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