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Uncle Hyena

Meanwhile, In Between Being Sick and Exhausted...

Got off work on Wednesday at 11:00 AM, got bent, had lunch, packed, got the oil in the Jeep changed, and drove to Rockford. Had dinner and extended conversation with Lady Amaretto, took her home after 11:00 PM, didn't get to bed (at hotel in Rockford) until about 1:00 AM. That's 28 hours of continuous consciousness, if you're counting.

Got up for oh-dark-thirty washroom break, and EVERYTHING hurt. Not a lot, mind you, but if it existed, it hurt. Individual hair follicles hurt. It was not a pleasant experience.

Eventually got myself together to go home, though I had to stop and walk off the sleepies twice. Spent most of the evening and following day in bed, got up in time for a movie ("Van Helsing") and dinner with Dementia. Went back to bed; got up for two movies ("Laws of Attraction", "The Punisher") and another meal, went back to bed, called in sick for Sunday night, and finally felt better in time to go to work Monday night. Urgh.

Convseration with Lady Amaretto included some deconstruction of the "Harry Potter" novels and films, even though we began by admitting that the franchise includes a "do not deconstruct" clause in the audience contract. Having said that... Assuming there are about 100 students in each of the four houses of Hogwart's at any time, and that every wizard in England was trained at Hogwart's, the entire "wizarding" population of England is about 4000 people. Also, the entire athletic program at Hogwart's consists of six Quiddich matches and associated practices each year, but that's ok since most of the players are killed or horribly maimed in each match. (No, they didn't have that kind of casualty rate in the books, but think about it. 14 people FLYING over an area the size of a football field with no set pattern, while a pair 50 pound semi-intelligent iron balls are trying to separate the players from their brooms? It's a wonder anyone lives long enough to score.) So, okay, they're silly, and they don't bear too close inspection... But we love them anyway, because they are wonderful.

Which brings me to the movie reviews, particularly "Van Helsing." We saw three movies this weekend, and all of them delivered pretty much exactly what they promised to deliver. Pierce Brosnan and Julianne Moore both looking fabulous in a romantic comedy as deep as a coat of paint. An unusually bloody comic book brought to live action. And, in the case of "Van Helsing", Hugh Jackman doing a Victorian impression of Solomon Kane (check the hat) while fighting silly monsters. (Also Kate Beckinsale wearing a corset and Stupid Shoes. She seems to be unable to smile in such a costume, and this is the second movie in a row in which she has worn such. A shame, really...) The point is, you read the label, and all three of these films deliver as promised. I have heard an awful lot of grousing from people who seem to have not read the labels...

I think I am going to have to tell my "Raiders of the Lost Ark" story someday soon...

Uncle Hyena

Edit, 2007: The previously un-named movies were "Laws of Attraction" and "The Punisher".
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