Uncle Hyena (unclehyena) wrote,
Uncle Hyena

RED, Wedding (Family)

So, nine days, one movie (and a repeat), a trip to Michigan, and a wedding reception later...

"RED 2" is very much more of the same, and we loved the first outing. There is a moment, late in the film, when a running gag is paid off by the Bruce Willis character giving the Mary-Louise Parker character a presentation case. "He's giving her a gun!" whispered Dementia excitedly. "He's giving her a Walther PPK," I whispered back, and the case was opened, and I was right. It's a "romance of firearms" thing...

On Sunday, I left work early and we drove to brother Tim's house for a wedding reception for his daughter Kate and her relatively new husband Alec. Saw some folks I haven't seen in a long while, met one person (Sarah E.) whom I have know for a few years on Facebook, and generally had a good time. Tim did a presentation of my father's old Disappearing Knot rope trick, and did a good job with it. I LIKE my extended family, and wish I could see more of them.

My father declined to attend the reception; he finds the two and a half hour trip (each way) too strenuous. This made me sad; this is likely the last time all of his descendants will be in one place before his funeral (if then). Time marches inexorably on.

Uncle Hyena
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