Uncle Hyena (unclehyena) wrote,
Uncle Hyena

Basal Metabolism Rate


To effectively lose weight and speed up your metabolism, you must first know your basal metabolic rate (BMR), commonly known as your metabolic rate. An individual's BMR is the amount of calories the body burns at rest while they are in an awake state of mind, as defined by the American Council on Exercise (ACE).

The use of hand-held devices or a visit to your healthcare practitioner could determine your BMR, but you can easily determine your BMR with the Harris Benedict Equation below:

BMR Calculation for Women: 655 + (4.35 × weight in pounds) + (4.7 × height in inches) – (4.7 × age in years)
BMR Calculation for Men: 66 + (6.23 × weight in pounds) + (12.7 × height in inches) – (6.76 × age in years)

66+1900+889-387.55=2467 (July 2013)
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