Uncle Hyena (unclehyena) wrote,
Uncle Hyena

Zhanh Narrative Fragment

As the days wore on, Zhanh spent time in the library, worked on the repairs to the manor, and spent time with his friends. But he was getting restless. Eventually he sought an audience with Count Rasulki and Lady Wenn.

"I have never had a home," he said. "And while I am happy here, I am growing restless, and will not be happy forever. Grezhakh wanted me to be initiated in the Khazan Wizard's Guild; I still want to find my parents. The road, and the sea, call to me. But I would like very much to be able to regard this as my home, as the place to which I may always return. Is that possible? Can you hold a place for me here?. It does not have to be a hard answer immediately; my first trip will only be a matter of a couple of weeks, to Khazan and back."

"It is an easy decision," Wenn said. "We will always hold a place for you here; travel safely." Rasulki nodded his agreement.

Zhanh stored many of his belongings in the room had been designated for him, and said his farewells. Most of his friends understood, though more than a few tears were shed.

The walk back to Khazan was uneventful; Zhanh had acquired many skills to help him stay out of trouble on the road. The news that he was returning from an errand for the Wizard's Guild got him into the city easily, though the Guild itself was a bit more of a problem.

"I was told to scout Greybat," he told the examiners. "I have done so. Greybat no longer exists; Alucart is permanently dead, and the Empress has been freed. I believe that she will vouch for me, if you have the temerity to ask; I would prefer not to." They proceeded to question him on the battle as he knew it, as he had been able to piece together from the tales of his companions. Eventually, they accepted him provisionally, and gave him a room and access to the library while they deliberated.

Three days later, he was again summoned. "We are the Guild," he was told. "We have the temerity for all things, and we HAVE queried the Goddess." There was a pause; Zhanh found himself sweating. He was in the right, but THEY had the power. "The Goddess... The Goddess has sent this token." Zhanh was asked to step forward, and take a ring from the examiner's table. As soon as he touched it, information flooded into his head: Two images, of the goddess, and himself, and a phrase in the voice of the Goddess. "I am Lerotra'hh, Death Goddess and Empress of Khazan. Zhanh olt Grezhakh is known to me; he is a citizen of Khazan, and I am in his dept. Assist him with alacrity." Zhanh blinked at that. And she STILL considered herself in his debt? He would have to look into that, one fine day.

The examiners continued," In light of this, and the fact that you have unquestionably fulfilled terms of your quest, your name has been entered into the rolls of the Wizard's Guild of the Empire of Khazan. Please accept this token of your membership." They indicated a pendant on the table, It contained a similar spell, with name, picture, and the fact of his membership. Zhanh bowed, thanked the examiners profusely, and returned to his room.

The return to Rasulki manor was as uneventful as the trip out had been; Zhanh's friends greeted him warmly, and he settled in to a life as an associate librarian, for a while. He knew he would be one the road when spring came around again, but he would worry about that when it came.
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