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Wolverine, RIPD, Conjuring, Non-Job, GenCon Prep

Three movies and much inner turmoil later...


"The Wolverine" is Hollywood's take on the 1982 Claremont/Miller comic mini-series. It takes a few odd turns along the way, and suffers from villain creep, but that was pretty much inevitable. All told, a VERY good low power superhero movie. And they did justice to the character of Yukio, which is a very good thing.

"R.I.P.D." is a silly supernatural cop movie. It is more entertaining than the reviews would indicate, but it is VERY silly.

"The Conjuring" is a well crafted, effects light horror story with more claim than usual to the "based on a true story" blurb.It does a good job of walking the the line between being overtly and obnoxiously Xian.

I have recently had an opportunity to bid on another promotion, and I have walked away from it. This hurts a bit, since it has been in the wind for a long time, and I have been planning to bit for it when it finally came available for about two years. But by the time the opening finally occurred, I had determined that while I might have been the best candidate on a task by task, day by day basis, I simply do not have the emotional stamina to survive in the job long term. Facing a thing like that HURTS.

GenCon starts Thursday, and I am going. I made the decision months ago, as a consolation to myself after I decided that TrollCon in Arizona was just too expensive. I have a badge, I have a room, I am ready to go, but I have next to no interest. It's just too BIG.

Uncle Hyena
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