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I'm behind. Too much work, continuing autumnal malaise. Six movies in two weeks, though.

"Thanks for Sharing" is billed as a comedy about sex addicts. It has a few funny moments, but it is ultimately a slice of life about addiction. Addicts are addicts are addicts. The film ends well, and I am glad I saw it, but it definitely isn't for everyone.

"The Way Way Back" is a low key coming of age comedy. I enjoyed it a great deal.

"Salinger" is a routine biography of legendary writer and recluse J.D. Salinger. It is intended to be sympathetic, but fails because the subject was so far around the bend. I saw it out of curiosity, and came away with two new questions for each one that was answered, but I really d0n't care if I ever learn the answers.

"Rush" is a REALLY good sort-of historical drama about a legendary Formula One rivalry during the 1976 season. The resemblance between the cast members and their actual antecedents is scary, and the movie is first rate in all ways. We enjoyed it a great deal.

"Don Jon" is an excessively arty low key comedy that is seldom funny and often unpleasant to watch, though it ends well. We didn't QUITE regret seeing it.

"The Spectacular Now" is a (micro-genre alert) low key coming of age as an alcoholic comedy. That sounds like a mess, and it is, though the main characters are engaging in spite of that. I liked it better than I liked "Don Jon", which isn't saying much.

Uncle Hyena
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