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Been working too many hours and not keeping up again...

"Gravity" is beautiful. I expected it to be either REALLY stupid or REALLY depressing, and instead it was only moderately stupid, and I enjoyed it. And it was REALLY beautiful.

"Runner Runner" is a Criminal and the Geek movie. The cast, and the characters, are good enough to make it fun to watch.

"Machete Kills" is even sillier than its predecessor, but fun to watch, if you don't mind LOTS of gore. My favorite joke, though, is still using, "Introducing Carlos Estavez" for Charlie Sheen.

"Captain Phillips" takes and interesting and potentially exciting story and tells it in such a pedantic way that it becomes boring. There is also the fact that having something as valuable and as isolated as a container ship with no better security than padlocks and the occasional ax handle makes my teeth hurt, but such is the case with most such ships, it seems.

I worked from October 2 to October 12 with only one day off, and on THAT day I got up at 5:00 AM to go to the dentist. Two crowns later, I went home and went back to bed to be at work at 11:00 PM.

October 12 and 13 were our 29th wedding anniversary. We saw two movies and had pizza on the 12th, and had dinner with Dementia's relatives on the 13th. We lead exciting lives. It occurred to me that, of the 19 people who were present on the 13th, three have died, but I am still in more or less regular contact with the other 16. Not too shabby.

On the 13th, we made the more or less annual pilgrimage to Indiana and had dinner with Dementia's Aunt Donna and Uncle Tom. The expedition takes about seven hours; we spend four of that with Donna, and two (over the meal) with both. Pleasant, but kind of gruelling.

Uncle Hyena
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