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Rocky, Enough, TeslaCon

A play, a movie, a convention, and still too much work...

On October 26 we made a pilgrimage to Antioch and saw, "The Rocky Horror Show" at the PM&L Theatre. It was a great deal of fun; it has been several years since we have seen the movie, and we had never seen the play before, but it was all nostalgically familiar, and a great deal of fun. The show ultimately stands or falls on the actor who plays Frankie, and this one was VERY good (though no one else is Tim Curry).

On October 30 I saw, "Enough Said" by way of a decompression movie. I appreciate, but don't exactly like, both of the principals, and this movie confirmed those opinions. It was a good decompression movie. I didn't exactly like it, either.

On Thursday we headed north to Madison and TeslaCon. We got tangled up in rain and traffic going to through Milwaukee, and managed to miss the single con event I most wanted to see, a performance by Terra Mysterium. I am told the performance will be reprised in Chicago in the spring, though. The next item on the agenda was my "Airship Physics" presentation on Friday night; I was not as well prepared as I wanted to be (which is to say, I didn't have the whole thing written out), but I knew the material well enough. I was rather hoping no one would show up, and instead had a full room of about fifty people. It came off well enough; there was a large amount of audience participation, and I think people generally had fun; I know I did. I also learned a few things from the audience.

TeslaCon was the only con I have ever been to where EVERYONE was in costume. They encouraged this, but it was odd to see. My own costuming goal was to fit in without inconveniencing myself too much, and succeeded well. The con was something of a triumph of style over substance; much was left to chance, and lots of minor things failed. A great deal of the con was dedicated to an enormous, badly organized, and largely impenetrable LARP. I think. That I am not quite sure says a great deal. Still, we had fun, and may well be back next year.

Uncle Hyena
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