Uncle Hyena (unclehyena) wrote,
Uncle Hyena

Vegas, Time, TV Follies

Two movies, too much work, illness, and a television hunt.

"Last Vegas" is a hoot, yet another entry in the growing "geriatric comedy" micro-genre. When you put an ensemble of aging A-list stars into a room, they are almost BOUND too make a good movie, because there is too much talent on the loose to do anything else. Thus it is here. We enjoyed it a great deal.

"About Time" is a slightly bittersweet romantic comedy that involves time travel. It is a great deal of fun. As with most time travel movies, it doesn't pay to try to rationalized the rules; you will only hurt yourself. But the characters are engaging, and the movie is pleasant.

On November 5, our TV (a 2000 or so 33 inch CRT model that we scavenged) died suddenly, which engendered a mid-level Dementia freak-out. I made sure a stop gap was in place before I left for work, and by this time the 150 pound old monster TV was been carted off to the recyclers. But we still need to buy a TV that was made in this century, and the shopping process is having the same effect on my sanity that any other major shopping process does. In the meantime, the 13 inch stop-gap set works pretty well. We MIGHT have a new TV before Thanksgiving. Maybe.

Beyond that, I have two and a half more days of work to survive before my next day off, and it hurts to breathe...

Uncle Hyena
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