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So... I worked sick for six days in a row, saw some movies, slept a lot, worked three more days, saw some more movies and a major TV "event", installed a new TV, and visited a sick friend.

"Thor: The Dark World" is a superhero movie with a lame plot, lots of pointless special effects, and some really great character work. It's a lot of fun if you remember to check your brain at the door.

"Ender's Game" is a pretty good book to screen translation of an SF neo=classic. It is, of necessity, truncated and dumbed down, but pretty faithful for all of that. Of course, I never connected emotionally with either version, so I am not exactly the best judge.

"The Best Man Holiday" is a slice of life reunion movie, with a bit of something for everyone. It works, for the most part, though this is more due to the strength of the cast than the strength of the script. I went in with low expectations, and they were exceeded.

"Dallas Buyers Club" is a biopic about an AIDS victim who made a career (as long as his life lasted) of providing semi-legal drugs to other AIDS patients. It's a disturbing story about the conflict between short term and long term medical goals, and also about the imact of greed on the US health care. Some of the performances are amazing, and the everything about the film is first rate.

"Day of the Doctor" was the fiftieth anniversary episode of "Doctor Who". It was a first rate episode that featured the ever-entertaining John Hurt and a cameo by former Doctor Tom Baker. Like most such events, the hype had become oppressive by the time the event finally arrirved, but this one was ALMOST worth it. Almost.

"An Adventure in Space and Time" was a small screen original movie about the creation of "Doctor Who" and the tenure for William Hartnell as the first Doctor. It is a LOT of fun, and some of it is downright magical.

We finally got a TV that was made in this century, and installed it just in time to watch "Day of the Doctor", which was fitting, I suppose. Still not giving up the rotary phone, though.

Finally, my friend Ernie (son of Gary) Gygax went into the hospital with congestive heart failure on Friday, and on Monday (today) I made the pilgrimage up to Janesville to visit him. He is in good spirits (he IS Ernie, after all) and poor but improving health, hampered by a severe cut on his left ankle that is not healing properly due to his poor circulation. It has been a rough year for Ernie, with this on the heels of his house fire in the spring.

Uncle Hyena
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