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Work, vacation, craziness, etc. Details to follow, but movies for now.

"The Counselor" is a caper movie with pretensions of being a morality play, or perhaps the other way around. It features good performances by a first rate cast, but the story is so fundamentally nasty that the world is diminished by its existence. Being me, I don't exactly regret seeing the film, exactly.

"Delivery Man" is a remake of a French comedy starring Vince Vaughn. That sounds like a recipe for disaster, but it actually works surprisingly well. There is enough emotional reality in the material to make up for both Vaughn's more unfortunate tendencies and the French disregard for story logic. I REALLy enjoyed the movie, particularly coming on the heels of the ugliness of the "The Counselor."

"The Hunger Games: Catching Fire" is... Hmmm. I love Jennifer Lawrence. She is beautiful, talented, and more or less insane. I wish her all the best. She fails to pay the freight on the mess that is this movie, however. You may recall that my take on the novel of "The Hunger Games" was that it was really bad science fiction with decent character elements, and that the movie sacriced character elements to make room for expanded bad science fiction. Going into movie two of what is going to be a four film series, the science fiction continues to degrade, and the character elements have not recovered. There is decent eye candy here, but not much else.

"Frozen" is upper second tier Disney animation. Decent songs, decent story, no major flaws, but still lacking in the spark of brilliance this sort of movie really needs.

"Oldboy" is a Spike Lee remake of a Korean film. If this sounds like a recipe for a hash of surreal incoherence and myopic rage, well, it is. If the world is diminished by the existence of "The Counselor", it is DAMAGED by the existence of "Oldboy". On the other hand, Elizabeth Olsen is so fundamentally delightful that she comes close to paying the frieght anyway. One of these days she will make a movie that I actually LIKE.

Uncle Hyena
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