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Working, Driving, and Gaming

Life other than movies:

Thanksgiving week was miserable. In previous years, working over the Thanksgiving holiday was easy duty at premium pay. This year, the pay was the same, but the work was miserable. Twelve hours having to think three moves ahead just to stay even is miserable; four conseuctive days of such shifts is exhausting. And of course, enough things went wrong that staying even wasn't really possible. Ugh.

My usual early December vacation started at 11:30 AM on Sunday; we saw a movie, and then I went home and collapsed. Monday's plans gradually dissolved into minor bits of routine obligation, but on Tuesday morning I took off for Indianapolis, and once again played in the long running Tuesday night Tunnels & Trolls game. Its current iteration is silly and surreal even for T&T, but that was fine with me.

On Wednesady morning I gave in to an impulse to do something REALLY silly, and drove 300 miles to visit the replica Parthenon in Nashville, TN, and then drove 300 more miles back to Inidanapolis. I first became of aware of the Nashville Parthenon as a result of the first "Percy Jackson" movie in 2010, and have wanted to visit it since. The building itself is REALLY impressive, the interiors are less so. But I am still glad I went.

Thursday I saw a couple of movies, got slightly lost driving in rain and rush hour traffic, and played a complex board game with my friend Scott. The half hour drive from Scott's house back to my hotel was made miserable by falling snow, and the forecast for the following day was dire. I wasted a fair amount to time debating an attempt to get home and out of the storm without sleeping, and eventually decided against it.

On Firday, the storm warnings proved to be excessive, and I escaped from Inidanapolis without difficulty, then had supper with my father and played in one of brother Pete's poker tourneys. My dad continues to deteriorate slowly, which is sad but expected, and the poker was pleasant enough even though I did fairly poorly.

Today I was moderately ill, and did nothing but blodge.

Uncle Hyena
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