Uncle Hyena (unclehyena) wrote,
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Banks, Dinosaurs, Hustle, Yule

Still snow, still squirrels, more movies, and a holiday or two.

"Saving Mr. Banks" is an utterly charming account of the process whereby Walt Disney convinced P.L. Travers to have the movie rights to "Mary Poppins". It is often touching, often funny, and just generally charming.

"Walking With Dinosaurs" features good CGI dinosaurs, and an irritatingly stupid plot and narration. I have come closer to walking out of movies, but not often. It didn't help at all that there was a heater malfunction, and the theater was COLD.

"American Hustle" is great. The plot works, the cast is fabulous, and the characters are fascinating if fundamentally unlikeable. It is always nice to see a movie that deals with con games that actually WORK...

I got home from work on Saturday, we did the household Yule ritual, and I collapsed into a heap. I had been planning to head out to the Earth Traditions Yule gathering, but I didn't have the energy to drive the 70 minutes out to Marengo, much less be functional while I was there and then drive home again. We did our gift exchange, and I passed out on the couch while Dementia played with new toys.

On Monday I dealt with the snow, again. Three times in 14 days; we are NOT amused. I did NOT assault the squirrel problem again, and should have. There will be more shoveling, and an assault on the squirrels, on Friday, I think. The use of explosives has not been conclusively ruled out.

On Tuesday we went south and had a holiday meal with brother Pete and his family. Very good food, good company, peculiar conversation. At one point I found myself asked to explain the efficiency problems involved in ultralight helicopters to an octogenarian who is not a physics geek. Fun, but strange.

Uncle Hyena
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