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Awkward, Groundhog, Snow

Movies, and a few "need to put these somewhere" updates.

"That Awkward Moment" is a thoroughly mediocre ensemble romantic comedy that substitutes gross outs for actual cleverness a few too many times. It also suffers from weird casting: If you stand Zac Effron and Miles Teller side by side, Effron is relatively wholesome, and Teller is relatively sleazy. It isn't a huge difference, but it is there. This movie cast the two of them against type, and seeing them side by side in the wrong roles hurts a film that didn't have any margin for error in the first place.

"Groundhog Day" was in the theaters again briefly, and I watched it for what might be the first time, end to end, since it was released in 1993. I had been impressed with the film then, and was even more impressed this time. Knowing where the story was going, and expecting certain key scenes, made it possible to pay more attention to the amazing storytelling, and to Murray's equally amazing acting. Just... Wow.

In other news... Today I "shoveled", or at least dealt with, the snow for the 12th time this year: 4 in December, 6 (including two by Dementia) in January, and now 2 in February (with one or two sessions to come before I finish with the current onslaught; this was the heaviest snow of the season, and my time has been constrained). This is the first year since we have lived in the house that we have taken full responsibility for snow removal (we have previously depended on itinerant shovel luggers), and of course it is one of the worst winters of the lot...

Uncle Hyena
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