Uncle Hyena (unclehyena) wrote,
Uncle Hyena

Lego, Winter, Robocop, Pompeii, Non-Con

Four movies, three theaters added to my list, and yet another session of hiding from a gaming con in Indianapolis.

"The Lego Movie" is bland and a little bit toxic. I love Lego, and I love animation, and this film is REALLY pretty, but... The magic of Lego is in its physicality; if you can't touch it, there is no point. Beyond that, once you have cut through all of window dressing, this film is a hymn to mediocrity.

"Winter's Tale" a contemporary urban fairy tale based on what my sources tell me is a pretentious and bloated book. The movie, though, is deft and downright FROTHY; it hints at its underlying mythology in a way that makes you WANT to believe that it is complete and whole (which it isn't). Don't look for the man behind the curtain, let the film happen to you, and it will make you happy.

"Robocop" is, line by line, shot by shot, a better movie than its source material. It is also much less than half the fun. So: Decent science fiction drama, with a suggestion of a moral that it shreds in the last two minutes by allowing Samuel L. Jackson's reality challenged TV announcer pronounce the movie's benediction. Just... weird.

"Pompeii" is a sword and sandals disaster movie. It stands out because the central love story is driven entirely by friendship rather than sex. The two main characters should really never even speak to each other, and they are drawn together by an affinity for horses, and repeated demonstrations of self-sacrificial courage. Love is never spoken of; sex is never hinted at; there is only respect and affection. The movie is deeply flawed in many ways, but the effects are good, and well, you know how it ends before it starts.

I spent the weekend in Indianapolis, not going to a gaming convention. Who's Yer Con is a decent con that I have attended once before, but I woke up on Friday deeply ambivalent about the whole thing, and continued to be ambivalent through the process of packing and driving 250 miles to get there. In the end, I spent about 90 minutes at the con among three visits, spent a little money, got a lot of sleep, and added three theaters to my inventory (which now stands at 95...). Sanity optional R me...

Uncle Hyena
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