Uncle Hyena (unclehyena) wrote,
Uncle Hyena

Kill, Non-Stop, Endless

Again, not much beyond movies...

"3 Days to Kill" is the bastard child of a black comedy thriller and an after school special. It works surprisingly well, and is much more fun than it really deserves to be.

"Non-Stop" is a ticking clock thriller. The plot which the hero must stop has WAY too many moving parts to actually come close to working, and the villain's ultimate message is too convoluted to ever be meaningful in the real world, but the movie is fun to watch and reasonably tense anyway.

"Endless Love" is based on a creepy, nihilistic 1981 movie of the same name, and the trailers imply that this version will be similarly creepy, but it has been warped and shuffled into a straight and rather boring romance. It doesn't help that lead actor Alex Pettyfer looks older than his real age, is playing five years younger, and the director didn't have the sense to keep him REALLY clean shaven. (Stubble may be sexy, but does NOT help create the illusion of youth.)

In other news, on Sunday I did battle with the White Death for the 12th time this season (plus four for Dementia, 16 times total). I managed to break ANOTHER snow blower. NOT happy. (And it is snowing again as I write this. REALLY not happy.)

Beyond that, the theater count is up to a solid 95...

Uncle Hyena
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