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Shovel, Poker, 58

No movies this week. nothing interesting opened on 2/28, and the 3/7 stuff wasn't on the schedule.

On Thursday I did something I had never done before, in 21 winters of home ownership: I did a thorough job of shoveling the snow with an actual shovel. Over the years we have ignored the snow often, paid itinerant shovelers when they presented themselves, and used electric snowblowers. I have done enough shoveling to get the cars in and out. But this time... It takes about 20% more time than doing the same job with the blower, with something like ten times the residual pain. Ugh.

On Friday I had dinner with my father, and then played in one (well, two) of brother Pete's poker tourneys. I finished in the money (4th of 13) on the first go round, flamed out in the middle of the second. Most amusing hand: I was blinded all-in holding 2-7 offsuit, got two more sevens on the flop, and lost when my opponent filled a flush on the river. Such is life.

I got home from poker at about 4:00 AM on Saturday morning, my birthday. There were cards, a few minor presents, the traditional cherry pie, and the result of Dementia's most recent secret project: A mimmoth, as inspired by Girl Genius. He's about twice as big as he should be, and still needs a name, but he's charismatic as hell. Pictures will be forthcoming.

Many thanks to all of the many FaceBook friends who took the time to wish me a happy birthday. 'Tis greatly appreciated.

Uncle Hyena
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