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Ed, Divergent, Sick

So... Got of work Wednesday (3/20), met friend and former co-worker Ed R. for lunch, then went home and died for a day and a half. Went to a movie on Friday, slept Saturday, worked Sunday and Monday, and then spent the next couple of days in bed with a 102 degree fever and the Intestinal Express. Most recovered now, but ennervated after three days of near starvation, and have cancelled my hotel room for GaryCon this weekend. Still hoping to spend a few hours up there on Friday, though. Dementia came down with a more virulent form of the same crud on Tuesday, and is STILL sick.

"Divergent" is another "Hunger Games" wannabee, and is moderately successful at it. Like "The Hunger Games", "Divergent" is badly conceived science fiction with a young female protagonist set in a near-future dystopia told in first person present tense. The background in "Divergent" is significantly worse conceived than that of "The Hunger Games" (which was awful in its own right), but the character work (in the movie, at least) is so much better that, having endured the setup (during which some of my brain cells acutally committed suicide in disgust), I whole-heartedly enjoyed the movie. The cast and the character work are first rate, and the story doesn't turn on idiotic special effect (just conceptually idiotic ones).

Odds and ends (stuff I have scibbled on FaceBook in the last few days, and want to preseve):

I have always been inclined to dislike Joseph Campbell; I have tried to read "Hero with a Thousand Faces" several times, and have always been stopped in short order by a pompousity overload. ("This book makes me want to punch the author, and if I don't stop reading, I am likely to re-focus that desire on someone within arm's reach.") Today I came across the following Campbell quote, and it multiplies my feelings: ""I think the person who takes a job in order to live - that is to say, for the money - has turned himself into a slave." This cavalier dismissal of a state in which 99% of the human race finds itself shows a profound ignorance of the human condition, and pretty much everything else. How does ANYONE take this fool seriously?


There is something wonderful and strange about diving into bed after a trip to the bathroom while running a high fever. You go from severely chilled to moderately chilled so quickly that you perceive it as pleasure, even though the end result (moderately chilled) is still unpleasant. There is a lesson in there somewhere.

Uncle Hyena
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