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Soldier, Jinn, Draft, Hotel, Oculus, Wake

Five movies, a wake, and a new theater for the list.

"Captain America: The Winter Soldier" is yet another Marvel Studios superhero movie. This is the ninth, and they haven't missed yet. They are doing great things with both Cap and the Widow. The Stan Lee cameo is hilarious. Sooner or later, Marvel is bound to drop the ball, but it hasn't happened yet.

"Jinn" is a weird little supernatural adventure movie. Structually, it is a "path of the hero", played for horror. It stands out because the mythology is a sort of ecumenical Islam. It's not half bad.

"Draft Day" is a Kevin Costner sports movie, with very little actual sports. It's well done, and a lot of fun.

"The Grand Budapest Hotel" is yet another weird Wes Anderson film. I suspect that it the last one I will see. Anderson's films are almost worth putting up with for their sets and settings. Almost, but not quite.

"Oculus" is a really well constructed, borderline brilliant, horror film that I still didn't like very well (which is a spoiler, if you think about it at all). Karen Gillen (late of Doctor Who) plays a convincing American.

On Thursday, I was planning to make a minor pilgrimage to catch "Jinn", which was only playing at six or seven theaters in all of Chicago metro. I found out that one of my poker buddies had lost his father, and made a somewhat longer pilgrimage to go to the south side to attend the wake, and added another theater to my list in the process. (For the record: Loews/AMC 18 in Woodridge.)

Uncle Hyena
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