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Walking with Gadgets

I got up this morning and went for a walk. That is a bit of an understatement; I went for a four mile, high paced walk (for me, anyway). I also measured my performance by three different methods, because I wanted to do a comparison.

Stopwatch time: 1:27:30
Map distance: 4.33 miles

Per GPS:
Time: 1:24:14
Distance: 4.07 miles

Per FitBit One:
10,633 steps
5.86 miles

Why the discrepancies? Well, the GPS is trying to track "active time", and I have no trouble believing that I lost 3:15 to stoplights and a couple of equipment issue stops (shoelaces and whatnot). The GPS also took an unusually long time to register satellites at the beginning, and I was wearing the device on my belt, so I have no trouble believing that it lost contact a few times. And history has shown that if the GPS loses contact at point A, and re-establishes it at point B, it concludes that you teleported the intervening distance. The GPS has been dead accurate when strapped to a boat over much longer distances.

The FitBit, on the other hand... I suppose that the 35% distance error isn't really too bad, given that it was calculated from an accelerometer that I wore around my neck. I would have liked better accuracy, but I can live with that. It does seem to be pretty consistent, though; Dementia and I compared FitBit stats from our trip to the zoo yesterday, and we were within a couple of percent of each other. The step count is weird, though; I can't imagine that it would be that far off, and I would expect it to be low, if anything. If that step count is correct, given the charted distance, I have a stride length of only 25.8 inches, which seems pretty improbable to me.

In other news, my heartrate immediately after finishing was 110, which is exactly where I wanted it to be.

Uncle Hyena
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