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Raid, Woman, Gladiator, Quiet

Getting behind on movies. Time to catch up.

"The Raid 2" is a undercover cop/ martial arts film out of Indonesia. I didn't realize, going in, that it was subtitled, which made the early expository scenes REALLY rough going, given that the movie started at my normal after work bedtime. Once the bloodshed started, that resolved itself. The best part of the movie was a female assassin who did escrima with a pair of claw hammers. It was silly and gory and a pretty good decompression movie.

"The Other Woman" is a distaff buddy movie that is well constructed and very funny. Cameron Diaz does an amazing job of showing just enough warmth in a fundamentally cold character.

"Gladiator" has aged well. The history is still silly, but the story works, and the performances are good. I missed a few scenes early on due to sleepiness, but that was NOT the movies fault.

"The Quiet Ones" is very loosely based on the 1970 Toronto "Philip" experiment, with a few twists. The film moves it to Oxford, and provides a real woman who is the focal point of an attempt to prove that all psychic phenomena are manisfestations of mental illness. The experiment does not go well. The scientist who refuses to recognize the facts when they fail to meet his expectations is more than a little amusing.

In other news, I now own a kilt, and a pair of Ugg boots, all in black. I don't think there is any significance to this.

Uncle Hyena
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