Uncle Hyena (unclehyena) wrote,
Uncle Hyena

Spiderman, Brick, Oz, Neighbors

Four movies AND an overtime shift last week. Not much else.

"The Amazing Spider-Man 2" is bloated, and suffers from effects creep. On the other hand, the stars are charismatic, and the character intervals are pretty good, for the most part. When you think about it, Spidey's web shooters may just be the single most impressive bit of technology in the entire Marvel universe, and they are more versatile in this movie than they have ever been before. So suspension of disbelief, even after you have swallowed the big "Superhero" pill, is hard to come by. And then there is the "Big Surprise", which happened in the comics more than 40 years ago: Same hero, same villain, same "innocent", same CLOTHES... If you didn't see THAT coming, you haven't been paying attention at all.

"Brick Mansions" is an extremely routine cop/odd couple movie, except for the fact that one of the stars is dead, and the other one is David Belle, who moves at least as well as Jackie Chan did in his prime. Few car chases, fewer gun battles, and more parkour next time, OK?

"Legends of Oz: Dorothy's Return" is an animated musical for people who grew up with the Oz books. I didn't, unfortunately, and it falls kind of flat.

"Neighbors" promised to be a dumb gross out comedy, and it didn't really deliver on that. Seth Rogen isn't ALWAYS a hole in the screen, but it IS the way to bet...

Uncle Hyena
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