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Spartacus, Gorjira, Future, Arm, Chef, and Green Vermin

Worked ten days in a row, saw five movies in five days, and did more yard work than has been done around here in a LONG time...

"Spartacus" is badly paced, bloated, and pompous. It is interesting as film history, and certainly not unwatchable, but not really good by current standards.

"Godzilla" is pretty good, once you get past the fundamental absurdity of the premise. Of course, that is a VERY big "IF". I don't really like to work THAT hard to suspend my disbelief.

"X-Men: Days of Future Past" is a very good re-telling of a GREAT Claremont-Byrne story from 30-odd years ago. Some of the members of our audience were orgasmic over the credit cookie; I didn't recognize the character, and was fairly disgusted when I found out who it was. Remember, ultimate power is boring as hell.

"Million Dollar Arm" is sports movie, sort of. It's charming and silly and highly improbable, and draws a great deal of energy from the fact that is it mostly true for all of that. We enjoyed it a great deal.

"Chef" is GREAT. Consider, when I say this, that this is a food-oriented movie, and that I am a non-foodie to the edge of being anti-, and you will get an idea of how much I like this film. It is sweet and funny and goofy and makes the world a better place by existing. And then there is the scene about the knife, which ripped my heart out; I may not understand food, but I REALLY understand knives. This movie isn't in wide release, and it is going away quickly. Find a way to see it anyway.

Hmmm. Five movies that I liked progressively better in the order in which I watched them. Interesting.

Anyway... On Saturday, I mowed the front lawn for the first time this year, and actually made an effort to tame the front hedges for the first time in pretty much forever. Of course, now Dementia wants the whole yard brought up to that standard. (You know that phrase about hell and ice water?)

Uncle Hyena
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