Uncle Hyena (unclehyena) wrote,
Uncle Hyena

Jump, Jersey, Suchia

Long silence. Not a lot has happened along the way.

"22 Jump Street" is a significantly inferior sequel to a mediocre movie. It isn't awful, but it really has nothing to recommend it.

"Jersey Boys" is a lot of fun. The music is infectious if not brilliant, and the story is fascinating if not exactly true.

After two years, the bizarre rowing canoe finally has not only an Illinois registration sticker, but its own set of legally unnecessary registration numbers, and a NAME. Take "suchos", the Greek word for "crocodile", Anglicize it, feminize it, and you get "Suchia", meaning "Crocodile Girl". (The fact that "suchia" is the name of a taxonomic clade which includes crocodilians is not particularly relevant.) Saturday morning, when I really should have been sleeping, was her first time in the water with her name on display. Names are important. Names are magic.

Uncle Hyena
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