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Begin, Boating, Crocs

One movie, some boating, a party, and too much work.

"Begin Again" is delightful. It tells the story of a burned out record producer and a hopelessly introverted singer-songwriter making an album on the streets of New York. Being a good Chicagoan, I LOATHE New York, and the movie works in spite of that.

I did just under seven miles on the Fox River on July 3, and then 7.5 miles on Geneva Lake on July 7. Much fun. On July 8 I drove up to Madison to do a test row of an Adirondack Guide boat, a ridiculously expensive but very pretty row boat. It didn't go terribly well; I am too used to seeing where I am going, among other things. I may try it again at some time in the future. We shall see. I am definitely trying to find something that is a bit faster than my current boat. (Trying to get my "cruise" speed up to about 4.25 mph from the current 3.75...)

I have been wearing Crocs Islanders pretty much exclusively for about seven years. I wore out a pair, and was heartbroken when Crocs got into financial trouble, and they went off the market. My second pair was on its last legs when Crocs re-introduced the Islander after their re-org. I immediately bought a pair, and stupidly thought that Crocs would have the sense to make them a perennial. Nope. They did a production run, sold it out, and went on to newer, more "exiting" models, just like every other stupid shoe company in the world. (All shoe companies are not stupid, just most of them.) I am vaguely heartbroken. I wrote them a letter. Maybe they will bring them back for another short run sometime, and I will get to buy a lifetime supply. Maybe the horse will learn to sing.

Uncle Hyena
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