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Worked ten days, saw a movie, went to a Ren Faire, was ill, went rowing.

"Dawn of the Planet of the Apes" is a worthy successor to the previous movie. It is bittersweet and often hard to watch, but we enjoyed it a great deal.

Our more or less annual pilgrimage to the nearby Bristol Renaissance Faire was about as expected. Dementia almost always makes some effort to dress in appropriate garb; I am less consistent. This year, I had a new costume piece, a black kilt, so I did the whole deal: over the knee boots, sword, huge flouncy sleeves, bracers, and (because it was Steampunk weekend), my 1933 model Buck Rogers Atomic Pistol. It was the usual Faire experience. My right ankle went stupid after a couple of hours, and cut into my enjoyment, and we both ran out of gas after about four hours (thought it took another hour or so to actually leave). Still, much fun.

On the way home we stopped at the Tilted Kilt in Kenosha, and I had my picture taken with some of the waitresses (because if you are wearing a kilt in public, why not work it for all its worth?). I ended up wearing the kilt for something like eight hours, and found it fairly reasonable novelty wear, though ultimately REALLY impractical in a society that has any concern at all for personal hygiene.

On Monday I had delusions of going rowing, but instead sat in the living room and stared into space. Eventually Dementia suggested that I take my temperature, and it was determined that I was well and truly sick. I went to bed and slept it off.

On Tuesday I went up to Lake Andrea, intending to do two two mile laps of the lake, but ended up doing only one; the wind was strongly out of the south west, and the outbound trip was just too much work to be any fun. The homeward trip, though... I caught about a dozen waves, and did maybe 30 seconds of surfing, total. Surfing ten inch waves that are only three feet from peak to peak is kind of silly, but if you manage to match speeds just as the wave gets to your center of gravity, you can do it. It's silly, but a LOT of fun.

And in other news... I gave out my e-mail address three times on Sunday, to people who seemed to be truly interested in establishing contact. 48 hours later, response is zero for three. I expected this; my historical average for such things is less than one in ten. But it still stings. (I want everyone who is reading this because they followed up on a card I gave them to know just how much I appreciate you.)(Edit: I JUST heard from one of the three! Thanks, Ashley!)

Uncle Hyena
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