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Uncle Hyena

Hercules, Sex, Lucy, Ernie, Frustration

Vacation this week. Many things to do, many of which won't happen.

"Hercules" is pretty good sword and sandals stuff. I didn't pay a lot of attention to the trailers, and was pleasantly surprised to see Rufus Sewell and Ian McShane turn up among Herc's sidekicks. Mostly just pleasant fun, with a fairly large helping of gore.

"Sex Tape" has more heart and less raunch than I expected, which was a good thing. I saw it by default due to schedule pressure, and was pleasantly surprised to not regret it. "Better than the trailers implied" is hardly a rave review, but there you are.

"Lucy" is a train wreck. The premise of the movie is stupid (but I knew that going in), but I expected the execution to make it worthwhile. It did not; key pieces of expostion were apparently left on the cutting room floor (or the script had some REALLY awful holes; no way to know for sure). The film does have a few wonderful moments, but not really enough to make up for all of the dumb.

So... Vacation. Monday I mowed the lawns and did some carpentry; Tuesday I decided I wasn't healthy enough to go rowing and saw a movie; Wednesday I made a long overdue pilgrimage to the new Castle Gygax and hung out with Ernie, who is happier and healthier than he has been in a long while. He is working hard on having a real game company, and may well succeed. Today Dementia and I saw another movie; tomorrow will be dinner with my dad and a poker game. Probably more movies on Saturday. Beyond that, things depend on the weather, which is NOT co-operating at all.

Uncle Hyena
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