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50, Guardians, Planes, Poker, Geneva

Three movies, a poker game, a canoe excursion, and a fair amount of blodging.

"50 to 1" tells the story of long-shot Kentucky Derby winner Mine That Bird. It's a somewhat goofy Triumph of the Underdog plot, but as always, it works if you let it. "Leverage" and "Angel" alumnus Christian Kane co-stars, and some of his music turns up on a jukebox at one point, which doesn't hurt.

"Guardians of the Galaxy" is... I have really mixed feelings about this movie. It is VERY good, and a lot of fun, but its success makes me a little queasy. There are just too many other movies that were every bit as good, and marketed to a similar audience, that did poorly, or outright failed. The randomness of it bothers me. Still, it is a well made, fun movie, and it is worth seeing.

"Planes: Fire & Rescue" is animated fluff, but it's well done animated fluff, which is to say, it will work if you let it. Still, the moment when you realize that you are concerned about the physical well-being of an animated, anthropomorphic airplane is just a BIT worrisome...

I won the second poker tourney on Friday night; haven't done that in a while. Felt good.

Saturday afternoon and Monday got eaten by the blodges, though I did do a fair amount of walking: Bradbury park and back twice, and then another walk just before midnight. The Bradbury Park trip isn't very long, but involves two 58-step staircases.

On Tuesday I made a try at the Geneva Lake Tour under oars. I didn't make it; I bailed out, and ended up with 15.3 miles, five short of the whole trip. Still, that is further than I have ever rowed in a single day before, and nearly twice as far as I have ever rowed on flat water. And there are still six weeks or so of decent weather left...

Uncle Hyena
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