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Six day later, I have managed to both break and fix my laptop, see "Harry Potter & the Prisoner of Azkaban", attend Duckon #13, and managed to get to work again.

Laptop Woes:

So... I used the ethernet port on my laptop for the first time since coming home from Atlanta on Wednesday, and the port cut out after about five minutes. Messed about with it for a bit, tried to disable and re-enable it, and it would not re-enable. Kept playing, managed to re-enable the port, and found it would no longer boot with the port enabled. Booted to safe mode, disabled the port, and went to bed rather than do something stupid while tired and frustrated. Tried again the next day, was able to enable the port and have it work, but it cut out again after a few minutes. Almost certainly a thermal problem, since the thing has the biggest processor they would sell me in it, and it runs HOT. Decided that I didn't want to send the thing in for service, and bought an "Ether over USB" adapter that works just fine. Go, Belkin.

Harry Potter:

Quite good; a lot of fun. Further off the books than the first two, for good or ill. My biggest complaint is that it failed to convey any sense of the entire school year passing, and of course (it's only a minor spoiler) the fact that they didn't use my favorite line: "I've got a god-father! He's a convicted murderer, but he's escaped from prison now!" (or something to that effect) --Harry to the Dursleys. If you are a Harry Potter fan, you should enjoy the film. If you are not a Harry Potter fan, you are morally defective and probably should just off yourself immediately.


Got there at about 11:00 PM on Friday, after watching "Prisoner of Azkaban" and having dinner. Checked in, registered, put Dementia to bed, and hit the filk room. Tried to sing "Wild Hunt's Justice" and made a mess of it, then later did "Rot With Me" and "Silver Lady", both of which went over pretty well. Would have made it through "Silver Lady" without choking up if Steve Macdonald hadn't worked out the chords and started playing along on the last quatrain; hearing someone else PLAYING a piece of music I had written overloaded my control, which is always marginal on that one, anyway. (Heartfelt thanks on that, by the way, Steve; it was a really cool experience anyway.)

Got up the next day to see the movie trailer fest, which included the best "King Arthur" trailer so far, as well as a trailer for "Alexander" with Colin Farrell, and much too much on "Alien versus Predator", though there will almost be enough plot in the thing to make it worth watching. Maybe. Saw a fair amount about "Sky Captain" as well; I expect to love it, but I also expect it to tank. I just don't thing that 30s retro-tech is that salable. I hope I'm wrong...

Went to a Steve Pagel panel on "How to make sure no one will read your manuscript", which was fun, and then was denied admission to the art show because I wouldn't surrender my vest. The same vest (or at least the same type) that I have worn to every other convention I have attended, and has not been blinked at before. Two dozen art shows later, and suddenly cargo vests are a security risk? If so, I may never attend another art show...

Took Dementia home, then came back and finally made contact with Jessi and her husband Egypt, also with Tall Joe (from OPRF). Sat and talked them until nearly two, then hit the filk again, shortly before all of the heavy hitters packed up. Sang "Captain Reynolds", which led Egypt to comment that I have a very strong voice. Still not sure how to take that (he claimed it was a compliment, but then he would...). The filk broke up, and I wandered into a group of post-LARPers who had been chased out of the upstairs lobby by the hotel staff, and ended up telling a few Fen/Mundane culture clash stories. Started to make my way to bed at about five, and stumbled upon the aforementioned heavy hitters from the filk, holding a semi-private session in a back room: eight people in the circle (all but two of whom had "headliner" status) and two more bystanders. Now, I freely admit they had every right, at that hour, to ditch the plebes and hold a private, quality circle (and it wasn't, strictly speaking, private; I could have stayed, and probably insinuated myself into the group, and doubt I would have been overtly censured), but as one of the plebes who had been ditched, it made me unhappy. I would rather have simply not known... At any rate, I got a few hours of sleep, bought some things Dementia had forgotten, and headed home.

Clueless Update:

I had been thinking, lately, that I should give Clueless his guns back. He has been behaving pretty well, and I am REALLY tired of having them around. But then I found out that he had managed to put himself so far away at one point over Memorial Day weekend that he spent the night on the living room floor, and then on this Saturday, he called his parents and said he had a gun and was thinking about killing himself. His father and brother drove over there and disarmed him, and got him calmed down, but... Damn. He's going to end up in a hospital, and Karmann is going to end up in a hospital, and... It's just sad. I wish I could see some light at the end of this particular tunnel, but there isn't any, at least until he is willing to face his alcohol problem. ::sigh::

Uncle Hyena
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