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Expendables, Giver, If, Sin, Journey, Moonlight

Bad weather and illness meant six movies and very little else.

"The Expendables 3" is probably one sequel too many. The magic of the "Expendables" films has been the obvious joy that the cast took in sharing a set and making a silly action movie. This time around, that is missing, and they seem to have just showed up for the paycheck. The film has its moments, but not really enough of them.

"The Giver" is authentic idea-based science fiction. It is also pompous and stupid, but given that it is based on a book targeted at 12 year olds, this isn't surprising. It REALLY bothered me that a society that was so hung up on homogeneity that it had eliminated music and art, and even the concept of color, should still have gender-specific costuming, and in particular high heels.

"What if" is a low key romantic comedy that is just fun to watch. The characters are engaging, there is no blatant stupidity or pointless vulgarity, it's just... fun.

"Sin City: A Dame to Kill For" is a significant come down from the original, in spite of featuring a LOT of Eva Green. The "Sin City" canon had been picked over for the first movie, and while the title story was solid, the other two plots were new for this movie, and were lacking. The 3D effects conflicted with, rather than enhanced, the striking visual style of the books and the first movie. And while Mickey Rourke worked well in the first film, this time around he was really just a pile of make up and padding; they would have been better off replaced him with a CGI character, and just used Rourke's voice. It would have looked more real.

"The Hundred-Foot Journey" is a movie about passion and friendship and food; it belongs on the shelf right next to "Chef", and is almost as good. And remember, this is coming from a VERY non-foodie.

"Magic in the Moonlight" is the best thing Woody Allen has ever done. It is a relaxed romantic comedy that obliquely addresses the conflict between truth and significance, and indicates (without quite spelling out) a solution that I like. Of course, watching Emma Stone play off against Colin Firth would be a great deal of fun in any case...

Uncle Hyena
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