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If, November, Busters, Calvary, Geneva, Ernie, Boots

Three movies and various misadventures.

"If I Stay" is a story about a girl in a coma. Given that the girl is played by Chloe Grace Moretz, it is watchable and entertaining in spite of being a sentimental mess.

"The November Man" is a first rate small scale thriller. The characters are solid and amusing, the plot mostly works, and you leave the theater wondering if the world might have been better off if the bad guy had won.

"Ghost Busters" has aged well. It was pleasant fluff 30 years ago, and it remains so. I found myself oddly aware of the lack of depth of field in the images, something I have not really noticed in other retrospectives, some of MUCH older films.

"Calvary" isn't so much a story as a character study, and a meditation on suicide. It begins with an RC priest being told, during confession, that he is going to be murdered to punish the church in general the following Sunday, and meanders meaningfully from there. I am very glad I saw this movie, wouldn't mind seeing it again, but that isn't exactly the same thing as saying I enjoyed it.

After YEARS of waffling about it, I finally decided that I was going to buy a pair of nine-button boots from Son of Sandlar, and headed up to Bristol on Sunday to do the deed. I didn't get there; the best Sunday weather of the summer, and the fact that it was closing weekend, brought out so many people that they had to close the gates of the Faire. I went home, picked up Dementia, and took her to a movie. I went back on Monday when the weather was significantly worse, and bought the boots then.

Tuesday was Ernie Gygax's birthday, and I went up to Lake Geneva to harass him. I also did a little exploring on the Geneva Lake Shore Path, doing a goal-and-return over a 1.25 mile stretch along the south side of Geneva Bay. I really need to do the whole path one of these days, though I may have to do it in small sections depending on the never ending parade of injuries.

Uncle Hyena
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