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Only one movie, but a lot of other odds and ends.

"The Last of Robin Hood" is a strange and shapeless movie about Errol Flynn, specifically about how, during the last two years of his life, he seduced and fell in love with a 16 year old girl, tried to marry her, and generally made a fool of himself. It is very sad, and interesting, and I am glad I saw it, if I didn't particularly enjoy it.

On Monday I went up to Geneva Lake and rowed the eastern perimeter, so I have done the whole thing this year over two days. Next year I will do it all in one.

On Wednesday I decided that there were no early movies that I really wanted to see, so I drove up to Geneva Lake to do a bit more of the shoreline path, 1.75 miles this time. I have now done all of 3.5 miles of about 20.5. Since I CAN NOT walk 20.5 miles at a stretch at this point in my life, I am doing small sections on a goal-and-return basis. This means that if I finish it (in sections) this year, I will have actually walked the whole thing twice. Of course, in the process of doing this, I managed to take much more time than I had planned, and only got three hours of sleep before work on Wednesday night.

Dementia's parents have been in from Boise this week. Dementia has seen the four times, three of them with me. This has involved (for me) two trips to Elmhurst and one to Portage, Indiana. The visits have been pleasant, but they have eaten a LOT of the week.

Uncle Hyena
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