Uncle Hyena (unclehyena) wrote,
Uncle Hyena

Tracks, Maze, Geneva

One movie, the annual corn maze pilgrimage, and two more walks at Geneva Lake.

"Tracks" is delightful. It tells the story of a sanity optional woman who moved to Alice Springs, Australia, with the intention of learning to ride and care for camels in preparation for a 1700 walk from Alice Springs to the Indian Ocean. Two years later, she started walking, and nine months after that, she arrived. It's an amazing story excellently presented, and we enjoyed it a great deal.

While I am at it, the one time I saw the trailer, I wondered, "Why camels?" It turns out that camels were imported to Australia as beasts of burden in the 19th century, then turned loose when diesel and gasoline tractors came in. They THRIVED. In 1975, it was estimated that there were 50,000 feral camels in Australia; but 2008, when the government decided to intervene, there were a million. It's down to 300,000, now. who knew?

Kroll's Corn Maze is off of Green Bay Road; we pass it every time we go up to Kenosha. We finally stopped in and walked the maze two years ago, and have gone back every year since. It's silly, but fun.

I made two trips up to Geneva; finished the north shore on Tuesday, and then cut off a short section of the south shore on Wednesday. Fourteen miles down, seven and a bit to go. (I thought the total would be under 21 miles, but there are more switchbacks than I expected.)

Uncle Hyena
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