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Judge, Dracula, Pride, Anniversary

Three movies, an anniversary, a wedding, and a silly expensive game.

"The Judge" is drama with a great cast and a tolerable script that never quite leads up to its promise. It's a solid story, but has no magic. Dementia liked it better than I did.

"Dracula Untold" is much better than it deserves to be. The idea of creating an origin story for Dracula that doesn't disappoint at least half the audience is pretty much hopeless, but they tried, and may have succeeded. The Dracula they create is a superhero, of course, well beyond the power level of the traditional character. There is also the matter of the completely spurious ticking clock effect. (There is a growing tendency to add pointless time limits to action plots, and it REALLY needs to stop; it has gotten boring.) We enjoyed it in any case.

"Pride" is just great. The underlying story (which is mostly true) is amazing, and the presentation is fabulous. It's often hilarious, occasionally heartbreaking, sometimes frstrating. What would you expect when you take gay rights, Thatcherism, and Welsh coal miners and toss them into a blender?

Sunday and Monday were our 30th wedding anniversary. It was pretty low key. Dementia made me a card for each day, I made her a sort of card thing with a penny from each year, we had a celebratory dinner at the Crimson Crustacean.

I have now been playing Ingress for seven days. There will be a separate post about that.

Yesterday we went to the wedding of one of my adopted nieces. There will be yet another separate post about that.

Uncle Hyena
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