Uncle Hyena (unclehyena) wrote,
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The Best Wedding

Quin, one of my adopted nieces, got married yesterday. Early on Dementia commented that this was looking to be the wedding against which all others were judged, and it certainly turned out to be. Of course, it also played into my personal prejudices, but then, that is why I love Quin.

The venue was the Willowbrook Ballroom, once the Oh Henry Ballroom, which longtime Chicago denizens will recognize at the starting point for the Resurrectoion Mary legend. Yes, it was chosen for just that reason.

The wedding was on a Tim Burton theme; there was a significant image from a Burton movie posted at each table, and the place cards had matching images on the back. There is nothing really WRONG with using numbers, but this was SO much more cool.

A "please no smart phones or other flashy-light picture making gadgets during the ceremony" edict was issued the day before, and it was OBEYED.

The groom and his attendants wore black shirts, black kilts, purple ties, and purple vests. The bridesmaids wore little black dresses, apparently of their own choosing. The bride wore something out of "Nightmare Before Christmas" by way of Elsa Lancaster.

The ceremony started on time, and was over in less than 15 minutes. It pays to avoid professional clergy; they tend to work in sermons that no one wants to hear.

The wedding and the reception were in the same room; the only seating was the reception tables, and after the ceremony, while the obligatory pictures were taken, the bar was open and hor d'oeuvres were served, so the usual pointless milling around was avoided.

And then the "new couples first dance" was done to Van Morrison's "Moondance"...

Anyway... Congratulations, Quin and Ted. Just continue as you have begun, and you will do just fine.

Uncle Hyena
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