Uncle Hyena (unclehyena) wrote,
Uncle Hyena

Ingress: Week One

On September 11, I posted a picture of a bronze frog sculpture from Fontana, Wisconsin, and my friend Jessi commented that it was an "Ingress portal", which led to my finding out that there was a game called Ingress out there. I started doing research.

Google calls Ingress an enhanced reality came; I have described it as geocaching with RPG elements. I decided that I wanted to play, but it pretty much requires a smart phone, which was a problem. I re-examine the cost versus value equation for smart phone ownership every now and then, and always conclude that there I can't justify such a thing. But I wanted to play Ingress...

I ended up buying a Nexus 7 tablet (refurbished), and getting a freebie wireless hotspot from Freedom Pop. It has some unfortunate limits, but it got me into the game.

So... It's a walking program, and a strategy game, and it may have some social aspects, maybe. Being me, I may well burn out on it in a while, but for now it is a lot of fun.

Uncle Hyena
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