Uncle Hyena (unclehyena) wrote,
Uncle Hyena

Cyrano's Duel

Translation by Brian Hooker, as performed by Michael Longcor

Lightly I toss my hat away,
Languidly over my arm let fall
The cloak that covers my bright array-
Then out swords, and to work withal!

A Launcelot, in his Lady’s hall ...
A Spartacus, at the Hippodrome! ...
I dally awhile with you, dear jackal,
Then, as I end the refrain, thrust home!

Where shall I skewer my peacock... Nay,
Better for you to have shunned the brawl!
Here, in the heart, thro’ your ribbons gay?
In the belly, under your silken shawls?
Hark, how the steel rings musical!
Mark how my point floats, lights as the foam,
Ready to drive you back to the wall,
Then, as I end the refrain, thrust home!

Ho, for a rime... You are white as whey
You break, you cower, you cringe, you ... crawl!
Tac! - and I parry your last essay;
So many the turn of a hand forestall
Life with its honey, death with its gall;
So many the turn of my fancy roam
Free, for a time, till the rimes recall,
Then as I end the refrain, thrust home!

Prince! Pray God, that is Lord of all,
Pardon your soul, for your time has come!
Beat - pass - fling you aslant, asprawl -
Then as I end the refrain, thrust home!
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