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Fury, Wick, Vincent, Men, Ouija

Somewhat belated movies.

"Fury" is a WWII tank movie, exactly the sort of thing that Hollywood would have made in the late 40s and through the 50s if it hadn't been for the Hays Code. It examines the concept of heroism without drawing any conclusions. If you like this sort of thing, you will like this a great deal; I did.

"John Wick" is a hyper-violent revenge fantasy. It isn't quite as clever or well constructed as the trailers implied, but it does have some GREAT moments. We liked it well enough.

"St. Vincent" is an after school special with an R rating. The performances are very good, the script is solid, and it is often a great deal of fun. We liked it.

"Men, Women & Children" is mostly a "stupid people being unhappy" movie, except not everyone is stupid, and the majority of them end the film in a better place than they started. This is not exactly a recommendation, but I don't regret seeing the film.

"Ouija" is a well-executed, by the numbers, PG-13 horror film. It stands out for two reasons. First, there is not a single trace of organized religion of any kind in the film. Second, Hasbro got screen credit for allowing the use of its trademarks in the film. This is interesting on a couple counts. First, it is REALLY questionable if "Ouija" is a legitimate trademark, and second, it indicates that movies which say, "These things are dangerous; don't use them!" are actually GREAT advertising, and sell more boards, and Hasbro knows it.

Uncle Hyena
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