Uncle Hyena (unclehyena) wrote,
Uncle Hyena

Road Trip

3600 road miles, seven hotel nights (among six hotels), a wedding, and a Wyoming snowstorm, among other things.

Monday, 10/28: For reasons known only to her, Dementia didn't start packing for this trip in August, as she normally would have. She deliberately put (nearly) everything off until the day before we left. I did most of my packing, and headed for the hills to watch movies and play Ingress; I'm not THAT stupid. When I came home with food, she was a strung out wreck, but the bags were packed.

Tuesday, 10/28: We got moving late (naturally), and made our way to Des Moines, IA, without incident.

Wednesday, 10/29: Much earlier start, fairly easy travel, stopped in Sidney, NE. Spent some time in the pool and the hot tub massaging my unhappy feet.

Thursday, 10/30: Played a miniscule amount of Ingress (ONE portal) with pirated WiFi in the morning, and got a decent start. Lost some time dithering along the way, including buying Sinclair gasoline in Sinclair, WY. We discovered Little America, WY, which is probably the classiest truck stop in the world, also its own town. Ended the day in Ogden, UT. Played a small amount of Ingress while doing the late night gas and milk run.

Friday, 10/31: Again, got a decent start. We needed to be in Boise for the 4:00 PM rehearsal dinner, and we needed to do the Samhain ritual (which required a small fire) along the way. We decided to put off the ritual until we were out of Utah, because, you know, UTAH. We magaged to pull off the ritual at a rest stop in Idaho with a bit of difficulty, mostly due to lack or preparation. Fire is a fundamentally perverse servant... Got to Boise, went to the rehearsal dinner, realized that there were THREE Ingress portals across the street from the dinner, dragged Dementia over while I stole and linked all three. Back at the hotel, went swimming, used the hot tub, AND played a small aount of Ingress.

Satruday, 11/1: Got up early, hiked half a mile to the Boise Airport, played Ingress. Hacked several portals, stole a few, set up some links and fields. Realized that I was a shabby looking man wandering around an airport semi-aimlessly while playing with an electronic device in a highly suspicious manner, but saw no sign of security. I guess crazy old white guys don't trip their alarms. Still, I wouldn't try it at O'Hare.

The wedding was big, pretty, and traditional RC. The priest put an obnoxious emphasis on producing children, and otherwise preached a standard wedding sermon. Dementia's parents left the recption early due to fatigue and lingering illness, and we stopped by their house on the way back to the hotel. The discussion of the current state of the English language was a lot of fun.

Sunday, 11/2: A long uneventful haul back to Rawlins, Wyoming. We settled into a "one stop every 150 miles" routine that we kept up all the way home.

Monday, 11/3: There were nearly three inches of snow on the van when we got up, and somehow the snow brush had escaped over the summer. Damn. Dug out, and then dealt with drifting snow and wet, semi-frozen pavement for the next 300 miles. Not a pleasant day. Ended at a very nice hotel in York, NE. Went for a swim in an otherwise deserted pool lit only by the Exit signs and ONE underwater flood. Kind of cool.

Tuesday, 11/4: Home again exhausted. About an hour out, a little voice in my head told me that I had changed my main password at work just before I left, and that I no longer remembered the new one. Went in to work after we had unpacked and found out that this was not true. Great way to end the day, though. Dementia says, "Never again." But then, she usually does.

Uncle Hyena
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