Uncle Hyena (unclehyena) wrote,
Uncle Hyena

Orcish Interlude

We pulled into the Arby's in Lexington, NE, 450 miles into a 600 mile day, 150 miles since the last stop. The place was empty, and we hit the washrooms. When we surfaced, the place had filled up with refugees from a nearby high school volleyball tournament. We got in line.

In line behind us was a fellow wearing a TARDIS knit cap and wearing a "Wibbley-wobbley-timey-whimey" shirt. Conversation ensued. Turns out he and his two female companions were from Omaha, en route to a Relient K concert in Denver. We got our food, sat down, ate. On the way out, I went by the trio, wished them well, found that their conversation had moved onto other geekdoms (inspired, to some extent, by my recitation of the names of all of the Doctors). One of the girls was into Lord of the Rings. I smiled and asked her if she could recite the inscription on the ring; she could, and did. I asked if she could do the complete poem; she couldn't, but I did. Then...

"You know that the inscription isn't really in English, right?" It was acknowledged that it was not. "Here's a trick, then: The REAL inscription." I slid my voice down into the gravel at the bottom of my throat and began, "Ash nazg durbatuluk..."

The girl sitting nearest to me... FLINCHED.

I have NEVER been able to make the hearts of sweet young things THROB...

I have ALWAYS been able to make them STOP.

Uncle Hyena
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