Uncle Hyena (unclehyena) wrote,
Uncle Hyena

Looking Back, Looking Ahead

2015 is about a week old, and it seems like a decent time to take stock of things, and maybe look ahead a little bit. I'm not making RESOLUTIONS, mind you, just tentative plans.

2013 went by in a gray fog; I worked something like 3000 hours, and that didn't leave a lot of time for much of anything else.It DID mean that more money came in than went out for the first time since 2006, which meant that the financially motivated knot in my stomach went away, at least for a while. So 2014 started better than the last several years.

I attended 107 different movies (some of them more than once) and ran my lifetime theater tally up over 100. I didn't read many physical books, but did listen to a LOT of books on tape (or CD, actually). I participated in ONE gaming convention (BASHCon), and stuck my nose into several others (Who's yer Con, GaryCon, GenCon, Hoopla).

My hip and my Achilles tendon are MOSTLY healed; FitBit tells me that I walked over 1100 miles in ten and a half months. That's about 3.5 miles a day; given that the first mile of that is background noise, it still isn't too bad. I managed to traverse 14 miles of the 21 miles Geneva Lake shore path over the course of eight outings, including the longest walking day of the year, 8.5 miles (which is REALLY close to my current limit; I need to stop NOW when the ankle begins to complain if I have any hope of it every healing fully).

I got the canoe into the water nine times, rowed 51 miles, 32 of that on Geneva Lake over the course of three outings. I did the Geneva Lake perimeter between two of those.

I took four minor road trips and two major ones, one each with Dementia and the rest solo. Dememtia and I celebrated our 30th anniversary, and we attended the weddings of two nieces.

I lost 20 pounds, and started playing Ingress, which mostly sops my gaming Jones and promises to get me walking more once the weather breaks.

All told, not a bad year, and things seem to be looking up. If only I weren't so TIRED (but that is mostly because I have been working WAY too much for the last few weeks...)

For this year... Play more Ingress, play more games generally, maybe actually PARTICIPATE in a few more of those gaming cons. Do the entire Geneva Lake shore path. Row the Geneva Lake Perimeter in one day. Row the 20 mile Fox river passage down from Burlington. Row around the "island" in the Chain of Lakes (about 13 miles). Write something. Lose more weight; generally get healthier.

Damn, that's optimistic for being in the dead of winter. We shall see.

Uncle Hyena
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