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Taken, Sniper, Blackhat, Ingress

Finally had some time off; spent it watching movies, playing Ingress, and catching up on sleep.

"Taken 3" is pretty much more of the same, but less. Liam Neeson is as good as ever in the central role, but this movie brings the action home to the US, which severs the series last link to reality: If you blow up a lot of things and kill a lot of people, no matter how good your reason may be, you have to leave the country (and have the protection of powerful friends) afterwards. This movie ignores that, and is damaged thereby.

"America Sniper" is a Clint Eastwood war movie. That is, he presents both the horror and the glory, and lets the audience decide what they actually want to see. He takes some liberties with the facts along the way, but then, this isn't supposed to be serious biography.

"Blackhat" is an interesting but badly flawed thriller/ caper movie. The characters are well done, the plot if full of holes, and the pacing is pretty awful. Of course, Dementia and I are character geeks, and we were glad we saw it.

On Thursday I made another attempt to play Ingress at Gurnee Mills, and was again significantly frustrated by GPS drift. I did manage to cross the line to Level 8, though, which is a sort of graduation point in the game: Level 8 gets access to the best toys. On Saturday morning I went up to Burlington, WI, and spent an hour and a half following programmed "Missions", and saw a good part of the town in the process. It's a cool place, and deserves more attention. This is my favorite part of playing Ingress at this point; it leads me to see interesting things I wouldn't have otherwise noticed.

Somewhere along the line I dropped in on Ernie Gygax in his new home; he is doing well, and it suits him, though lacks the gaming space of his previous haunts. Still, it was good to see the art from the old place (such of it as survived the fire) up on the walls again.

Uncle Hyena
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