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Strange, Parts, Black, Ingress, Culvers

So... Finishing up a four day weekend for the first time since early December. Kind of nice. Snow continues to fall; as I have often said, I dislike cold, but I HATE snow...

"Strange Magic" is a recycled music musical, in the pattern of "Moulin Rouge". It is also a very pretty CGI animation about fairies and goblins. The ad campaign has hidden the fact that the film is a musical, which is moronic; a betrayed audience is a hostile audience. I saw this as a decompression movie, because I wanted somethign fluffy and mindless, and liked it well enough that I brought Dementia back with me and watched it again a few days later. This is an odd movie, but if pretty CGI animation, covers of songs from the 50s, 60s, and 70s, and a main couple who fall in love over an aeiral sword duel appeals to you, you will like this movie.

"Spare Parts" is a triumph of the underdog film about a high school engineering club that enters a national underwater robotics competition. It is based on a real occurrence, and is a LOT of fun. We enjoyed it a great deal.

"Black or White" is a story about a custody battle that suffers from a lack of sympathetic characters, in spite of a VERY sympathetic cast. The script tries to make the conflict about race, but there are enough other things going on that the story would have played out almost exactly the same way if race had not been a factor at all. This is a well made but ultimate unpleasant and rather pointless movie.

For the record, all three of the movies were saw this week are certified flops. We really liked two of them, anyway.

On Friday, I spent a fair amount of time wandering around playing Ingress, walking around and collecting portals in Antioch, Fonatana, and Williams Bay. I ended up at the Lake Geneva Culvers, where Tom Wham has been presiding over a Friday afternoon board game session for some 20 years. I showed up late, and managed to get involved in a game of "Oddville" anyway. Much fun. I will have to show up on time, next time.

Uncle Hyena
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