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Jupiter, Loft, Seventh, Kingsman, Poker, Work

It's been two weeks...

Movies first:

"Jupiter Ascending" is a first rate space fantasy. In fact, about 90 minutes in, part of my brain started working on the possibility that it might just be the best space fantasy ever. It's just a little bit smarter, a little bit deeper, and a little bit better done that anything else I can think of. The critics hate it, and people are generally ignoring it, but the fact remains. (Note: Better done does NOT mean "more fun", necessarily. But this movie IS a lot of fun.)

"The Loft" is a creepy whodunit with a fair amount of cleverness and no remotely sympathetic characters. I saw it by Hobson's choice, which is about the only reason to watch it.

"Seventh Son" is a solid epic fantasy movie. We enjoyed it a great deal. We seem to be alone in that, though; we had the theater to ourselves, and the movie is doing poorly. An anomaly: The moon plays a key part in the timing of events, and the moon is aways shown upside down.

"Kingsman: The Secret Service" is a cross breed of "Kickass" and a James Bond movie. It is a LOT of fun.

February 6 was my first poker tourney of the year. I am still trying to figure out what level of effort results in me having the most fun. I am not exactly playing to lose, but I am not really playing to win, either. Playing my best is too stressful to be really enjoyable; I am still looking for a level of effort that works best.

In other news, work has been pretty much awful lately. The practice of uppermanagement to load on more work until we break seems to be reaching its inevitable conclusion. We shall see.

Uncle Hyena
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