Uncle Hyena (unclehyena) wrote,
Uncle Hyena

Almanac, BashCon

Too much work, a mediocre movie, and a sad gaming con story...

"Project Almanac" is a mostly found footage time machine story. It needed about three more rewrites. Major flaw #1: If you are making a found footage movie, figure our a reason for the camera to be present in every scene, don't just punt and hope the audience won't notice when you can't figure it out. Major flaw #2: When you are playing with time travel, figure out what your rules are, and LIVE WITH THEM. Other than those issues, it wasn't a half bad movie...

BashCon is a student-run gaming con at the University of Toledo. I have been going to is since 2012, and have enjoyed it a great deal. This year... I woke up feeling vaguely ill, but assumed it was the usual threshold anxiety and packed up and hit the road anyway. Three hundred miles later, I was snow-blind and crazed. I got checked in, found my friends Jerry, Robin, and Tom in the main hall, and realized I couldn't deal with the noise of the crowd. I wandered around a bit, failed to find any conversation, and went back to my hotel. In the morning I took stock of my sanity, my level of fatigue, and the weather, and just headed for home without going back to the con. This makes five gaming cons in a row in which I have failed to do any gaming...

In other news, my job is killing me. Management is currently pursuing a practice of seeing how much extra work they can push to my group before we implode, and we are holding up pretty well. Except that I am doing a two man job with the "help" of a hopelessly green partner, which means I am doing double work AND trying to train my partner too. I spend twelve hours going flat out, then come home and have work related anxiety dreams when I sleep. I have a lifetime's worth of mental stability tricks to keep my head together, but they take a toll on my body, and I don't know where the limits are. I am really afraid that I am going to find out.

Uncle Hyena
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